Thingol and Melian requested by anon.

Temporarily forgot that colour is a thing that exists.

My Doriath as an ancient Chinese wuxia drama headcanon/AU has gone too far.

Angbang requested by anon.

A friend requested Beleg and I decided to draw something tragic.

“And I can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t sit still or fix things and I wake up and I wake up and you’re still dead.”

― Richard Siken

Quite a few people requested Russingon. Just a warning that if you aren’t specific, my default is angst.

Revised version of Sauron in Numenor for prussianandproud.

Veils optional:

Finished a wip from half a year ago. Surprisingly little I had to change.

Anon requested Ingwë. 

Black and white version to show the actual length of his hair.

Quick 15 min Glorfindel doodle.

Sauron wearing Maleficent’s clothes requested by beguilingblackness.

Fingon’s clothing for ereschkigal.


Good luck on your cosplay!