Glorfindel for xglorfindel.

Glorfindel with First Age long hair and Third Age braid.

Celebratory Maedhros sketch because exams are finally over!

Quick sketches of Mairon, Sauron and Annatar. 

Sorry for the lack of updates. Exams are still ongoing so please put up with me for another week before posting goes back to usual.

Shirtless Maedhros for anon.

Just a heads up that updates will be slow due to exams.

Earendil and Elwing, and sketch of Earendil’s meeting with Eonwe. 

Mairon the Admirable. Pre-Melkor’s corruption.

Glamorous Sauron for icy-in-love.

Somehow I have decided on the headcanon that Ecthelion was part Teleri.

Oropher and Thranduil for doitsuki.

Turgon and Finrod for anon. 

Finrod is wearing something more like Vanyarin court fashion.